Sydney restaurant launches Pokemon burger

Sydney restaurant launches Pokemon burger

Sydney restaurant launches Pokemon burger

Written by Staff Writer

28 Aug, 2016 | 3:10 pm

A Sydney restaurant is capitalising on an appetite for all things Pokemon Go by selling a limited number of burgers based on characters from the blockbuster smartphone game.

There are three burgers, each available for a limited time only and inspired by three of the most popular monsters in the game.

There’s Pikachu burger, Charmander burger and Bulbasaur burger. For an extra twist, you don’t get to pick what burger you eat-instead you will be randomly given one.

Sydney’s Hashtag Burger and its pop-up restaurant Down N’ Out Burgers are offering 100 ‘Pokeburgs’ a day until Sept. 3, with long queues of people lining up on Friday to get a taste of a yellow Pikachu, pink Charmander or green Bulbasaur burger.

The burgers cost $15 each and will only be available for two weeks, from the St John Young Hotel in Sydney’s CBD.

The complete list of ingredients and elements on each burger are unknown, but some secrets have slipped through.
‘The Charmander is a little bit spicy, there’s kind of a volcanic cheese dripping off it,’ creator Ben Kagan told Mashable Australia.

‘The Bulbasaur is grassy and cleaner, but it tastes like a Big Mac actually — which is quite nice. The Pikachu is a bit sillier, with our “tiger fries” through it.’

Pokemon Go, developed by Niantic and an affiliate of Japan’s Nintendo Co Ltd, sees players walk around real-life neighbourhoods to hunt down virtual cartoon characters visible only on their smartphone screens.

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