Gammedda100-Day initiative brings joy to people across the country

Gammedda100-Day initiative brings joy to people across the country

Gammedda100-Day initiative brings joy to people across the country

Written by Tharushan Fernando

19 Aug, 2016 | 9:09 pm

People of Egodagama, Bandarawela have been victimised by the Uma Oya project. These people, who were born with the gift of fresh water aplenty, now have to suffer many hardships in order to find a drop of water to drink. The News1st Gammedda 100-Day Initiative, commenced yet another project in Egodagama, Bandarawela on Friday with the hope of providing some solace to these helpless people.

With all the natural springs as well as the domestic wells drying up as a result of the Uma Oya project, the only source of water these people had was the Egodagama spring. While the people of five Grama Seva divisions come here on a daily basis to fulfill their water needs, this spring too is now in a dilapidated state.Due to these reasons, the News1st Gammedda 100-Day Initiative took steps to protect the only source of water that these people have. Even though these people were born in an area where fresh water was abundant, these people will receive a solution to the water crisis that they currently face very soon.

As another project under the News 1st Gammedda 100-Day Initiative, steps were taken to commence renovation of the dilapidated Main Hall of the Mahasen Vidyalaya in Attanakadawala, Polonnaruwa. This project commenced in order to ensure that these innocent children no longer have any fear in their hearts as they gain knowledge.

The project is being sponsored by the Buddhist Chief Incumbents Association of Gampaha The building where renovations commenced today, was constructed over 40 years ago, through the intervention of the parents.

While a pirith-chanting ceremony was held to invoke blessings on students who are to sit their Grade Five Scholarship Examination this year, an alms giving was also held for the Maha Sangha.

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