Govt to take ‘fair decision’ over issue of pavement hawkers

Govt to take ‘fair decision’ over issue of pavement hawkers

Govt to take ‘fair decision’ over issue of pavement hawkers

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14 Aug, 2016 | 8:49 pm

Does the pavement belong to the pedestrians or traders – if you walk along the streets in any major town you may ponder.

In response to this situation the government has turned it attention towards clearing all unauthorised pavement hawkers in the Colombo City limits. According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils, there are over 1158 unauthorised pavement hawkers in the Colombo city limits.

Six hundred and sixty nine (669) of them operate in the Pettah area, while a further 221 have set up unauthorised lottery sales outlets.

One hundred and twenty (120) unauthorised mobile shops are in operation, while 49 of them operate out of Pettah.

The ministry’s statistics also reveals that there are 49 unauthorised new stands in the Colombo city limits, while 52 hand carts are also in operation.

Minister Faizer Mustapha has issued a directive to the Colombo Municipal Council as well as the police to take immediate steps to remove these unauthorised pavement hawkers.

A release issued by the Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government also notes that orders have been issued to cancel all temporary permits issued for traders during the season of the new year.

Pedestrians have expressed their delight regarding this move. However they too have requested some sort of fair deal for these pavement hawkers.

When inquired Minister Faizer Mustapha noted that steps will be taken to remove unauthorised pavement hawkers after finding a suitable and fair deal for them.

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