Historical trek by News1st leads to preservation of Kurullangala drawings

Historical trek by News1st leads to preservation of Kurullangala drawings

Historical trek by News1st leads to preservation of Kurullangala drawings

Written by Tharushan Fernando

13 Aug, 2016 | 9:57 pm

In February this year, a News1st team trekked the nearly impossible Kurullangala Mountain in Wellawaya, and revealed details of rarely seen cave drawings on a wall of the mountain.

Many of these drawings depicted bird-like creatures.

We highlighted the importance of preserving these historic links of Sri Lanka. Today, authorities have taken measures to preserve and conserve these ancient drawings.

During the trek, the footage of these birds were captured and these birds are a rarely witnessed out in the open.Villagers believe that the drawings come to life and this results in the birds flying over the mountain.

These drawing do no show any link to any era in Sri Lankan history. Interestingly,  there are clear geographical shapes.There are many life-size drawings of birds on this mountain wall and some even depict movements. Among the drawings are some that cannot be easily determined.

The shape of a human, hand-painted in red, can be seen on a number of locations on this mountain wall.

What is significant is that these depict the left palm of a human being. 

There’s more evidence of ancient drawings on this 40 foot high area on the mountain.However, as these drawings were exposed to the sun and rain for many centuries, what remains is only an area of eight feet.

One of the reasons that this area has not been subject to preservation is that the location is not easily accessible and is also very difficult to find.

On a more positive note, authorities have directed their attention to preserve these ancient pieces of art and a group from the Department of Archaeology  the Ella Pradeshiya Sabha, The Department of Local Government and the Central Environmental Authority were engaged in a trek to visit the site.

It was noted that a road will be cut through the jungle to access the drawings while  measures will also be taken place to a glass screen to protect the drawings from nature’s fury.

Even today, no one knows who made these ancient historic drawings or for what purpose.

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