World Bank consultant’s review on CEB coal plan comes under fire

World Bank consultant’s review on CEB coal plan comes under fire

World Bank consultant’s review on CEB coal plan comes under fire

Written by Tharushan Fernando

12 Aug, 2016 | 8:30 pm

A review carried out by a World Bank consultant on the Ceylon Electricity Board’s long-term generation plan continues to come under criticism from various fronts.

Chairman of the Strategic Enterprise Management Agency, Asoka Abeygunawardana charged that CEB has approached the World Bank and hired a consultant and done a study to whitewash the coal plan of the CEB, stating that it is the best option.

He pointed out that the World Bank has stated that the coal plan of the CEB is the future, but this is a clear violation of the government policy as well as the policy of the World Bank which says that clean energy is the way forward in order to tackle the global warming and other environmental issues and coal should be considered only as a last option. However the plan which was reviewed by the World Bank consultant says something else – which is contrary to the government Policy and the World Bank Policy.

He went on to note that this matter must be handled very carefully because there is a there is a coal and oil mafia in the country and the government has stated that the coal and oil mafia will not be allowed to continue exploiting the electricity consumer in Sri Lanka.

He called for the investigation of the report “presented by the World Bank and the so-called World Bank consultants” and as to how it was published

Energy expert, Parakrama Jayasinghe stated that the the World Bank expert who prepared this report was somebody who came to Sri Lanka four or five years ago or even earlier, when the Norochcholai Power Plant was under discussion

“His reaction was very surprising”, said Energy Expert ,P arakrama Jayasinghe commenting on a public hearing when the World Bank expert was questioned with regard to the pollutants that are considered very toxic and present in coal, such as mecury

“He pretended either not to know the existence of this, which was very surprising. That is what is happening in the world. Or trying to down-play it”,  said Parakrama Jayasinghe

He went on add that it is surprising how such a person was called in to produce another report of the same nature, and thus the report has to be looked at very carefully.

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