Gammedda 100 :The fear of losing everything you have built…

Gammedda 100 :The fear of losing everything you have built…

Gammedda 100 :The fear of losing everything you have built…

Written by Staff Writer

31 Jul, 2016 | 8:31 pm

The Gammedda 100-day initiative, aimed at discussing and providing concrete solutions to issues faced by the general public powers on…

DAY 12 / 100


Wild Elephants along the road....

Wild Elephants along the road….

Have you, the city folk, ever experienced the feeling of losing a livelihood you have worked for your entire life, in a single night, because of wild elephants? We don’t think so…


But… Are you aware that for many of our countrymen, this is the hopeless reality of day to day life?

For over two years residents of the 9th mile post area in Sooriyapura, Kantale, have spent their nights fearing for their lives with every passing minute. They live with fear, not knowing when the wild elephants would destroy their crops one day, what house or other property next….

A house destroyed by Wild Elephants

A house destroyed by Wild Elephants


Well, there is an elephant fence built for their protection. But it is of no use.

We, News 1st, are ready to solve the problem faced by these people. The problem which puts the lives of over 300 villagers at risk.

But, this is not a task we can undertake by ourselves… We need your support.


Us, living in the urban areas on perfect tarmac roads, are only too familiar with the frustration brought on by being stranded on the road. Why not spare a thought for the thousands of our fellow countrymen who walk for miles to reach their destination due to the lack of a road?

For a visiting city dweller, travelling on the dilapidated road to the village of Warala in Yalkumbura, Bibile may be a quaint experience. But imagine using such a road everyday to fulfill your daily needs?

This is the reality of life for about 60 families living in the village.

Children travelling to school, expectant mothers and even patients seeking emergency medical treatment traverse the broken road which, during the rainy seasons, turn into a waterway.

The renovation of this road, giving some hope to the people of Warala, is one of the goals of the News 1st Gammedda 100-Days initiative.


Borala Water Project:

The Boralagama water scheme project in Weligama, Matara continues as the day draws near where the people of Borala will have clean drinking water, instead of the brackish water they have been consuming.

Damanayaya Road:

Construction of the Damanayaya road in Sigirimulla has been completed and will be declared open under the Gammadda 100 Days initiative this week.

You too can join hands with News 1st to create a change by simply calling our number 011 4 896 896 and make a deposit to Nations Trust Bank account 0111 – 0000 – 2201.

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