‪#‎Gammadda100‬ : Lighting up the lives of Chilaw fishermen

‪#‎Gammadda100‬ : Lighting up the lives of Chilaw fishermen

‪#‎Gammadda100‬ : Lighting up the lives of Chilaw fishermen

Written by Staff Writer

27 Jul, 2016 | 8:55 pm

The manner in which the fishermen from the Wella Village expressed their joy was witnessed in Chilaw, over the fulfillment of a request they have been making for years.

Their wishes were made a reality as part of yet another project of the Gammedda 100-day initiative. The estuary located in the Wella area in Chilaw, a coastal region from which nearly 5000 fishing vessels set sail to the deep blue sea, had become a death trap for fishermen at night.

Several fishing vessels have been destroyed and around ten lives lost due to the poor visibility of the reefs close to the estuary at night. What was needed as a solution to this fatal issue, was a lamp post.

News1st took the first step to provide what was required for the safety of these fishermen. The initiative was undertaken with the assistance of Kevilton Electrical Products (Pvt) Ltd, a subsidiary of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited.

A resident of the area noted that they never expected the Sirasa media network would be this quick to provide them with a solution through a massive programme.

The people of Pathalayagama, Hambantota also wait anxiously in need of similar assistance. Even though the electrical fence has been set up close to the village, for the purpose of preventing wild elephants encroaching their villages, the purpose is not fulfilled.

The fence has been erected for the protection of 2000 acres of paddy land and around 1200 acres of farmland. However,  as this so called electrical fence is  merely a fence, farmers are left helpless as they are forced to watch their crops become elephant food.


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