Govt cannot be toppled through the budget: PM

Govt cannot be toppled through the budget: PM

Govt cannot be toppled through the budget: PM

Written by Tharushan Fernando

21 Jul, 2016 | 8:33 pm

Making a statement in parliament on Thursday, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe emphasised that the government will not toppled through the budget.

The prime minister expressed these views while briefing the parliament on his tour of Singapore.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe stated that Singaporean PM Lee expressed his delight regarding the victory of President Sirisena, as well as the formation of a national government by the two largest parties in the country

The premier also expressed the promise given by the Singaporean counterpart, to render assistance to develop the economy of the country, as well as pledging his support to improve the efficiency of the state services.

The premier pointed out that the applications to regain the GSP+ concessions has already been submitted to the EU; while there will also be agreements signed with China, Singapore, Japan, the EU and India to create more jobs in the country. And these agreements are not being signed to create jobs for those coming in from overseas.

He pointed out that there was a period where there were labourers who were brought in from Bangladesh to work in the construction sector, but that such things would not be allowed during this tenure

The Prime Minister also added that the Civil aviation minister is currently formulating plans to develop the Mattala International Airport, while there have been requests by private organisations with regard to the possibility of collaborating with the government to develop the Mattala Airport.

“We will be able to bring in one million passengers to this airport. Until now only one airplane operated from the airport;on one particular day the only air traffic at the airport was me arriving in a helicopter”, said the Premier.

He went on to pledge that solution would be found for all the issues through the national government within the next five years, as well as continuing with the programs in place for the next five years.

He finally noted that some are of the opinion that the government will fall after the next budget. But once the next budget is presented and passed female members of parliament in the opposite aisle will be asked to come and take a seat on this side.

“Join us, there are quite a few who are already prepared to join us”, said the Prime Minster.

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