Gammedda 100-Day public service initiative commences

Gammedda 100-Day public service initiative commences

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20 Jul, 2016 | 8:34 pm

The Gammedda 100-day Initiative commenced in three locations around the country on July 20, marking a first time in Sri Lankan history where a media institution launched a country-wide public service initiative of this magnitude.

The sole objective of the initiative is to provide solutions for the issues faced by the people.

Renovation of the section of road from the Damanayaya Junction to Alakola Wewa on the Wewala Road in Dambulla which has been neglected for nearly twodecades, commenced under the Gammedda 100-Day Initiative on Wednesday.

Renovation activities on the road commenced following religious observances with the participation of a group including the top management of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited.

State officials including the Dambulla Divisional Secretary, Dambulla Urban Commissioner and Technical Officer of the Dambulla Pradeshiya Sabha were present for the commencement of the renovation activities.

Families which have been living here for generations have never seen the sight of development on this road.

Students of the Periya Paranthan Tamil School in Kilinochchi who are thirsty for knowledge, as well as clean drinking water, were given a ray of hope by the News 1st Gammedda 100-Day Initiative, as the foundation stone for a clean drinking water project was laid at the school.

Established in 1925, the Periya Paranthan Tamil School is an extremely rural school which provides education for the children of those affected by the civil conflict.

During school hours, the children of the Periya Paranthan Tamil School have to walk for miles to quench their thirst with a drop of water.

News 1st commenced the construction of the clean drinking project within the school premises today, with an assurance being made to these young learning hearts that they would have the basic gift of clean water.

Borala is a village which sits a top a mountain in Weligama with all of its grandeur, but yet under rural conditions.

This foundation stone which was laid at the village bears testament that the village will have the basic need of water in a few days. (Please see video).

The project plans to provide a steady supply of water to the villagers of Borala who for generations have had to climb the mountain back and forth to collect some water from the tank which lies at its foot.

While the State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka is providing technical assistance for the project, state officials including the Welipitiya Divisional Secretary took part in the launch of the project.

News 1st has set up plans to initiate several such identified projects in the 100 days to come.

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