Former CBSL Governor in PM’s Singapore delegation causes shockwaves

Former CBSL Governor in PM’s Singapore delegation causes shockwaves

Former CBSL Governor in PM’s Singapore delegation causes shockwaves

Written by Tharushan Fernando

19 Jul, 2016 | 8:27 pm

Former Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka Arjuna Mahendran is accompanying Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on his tour of Singapore.

According to the Prime Minister’s office, the former governor is part of the delegation as the head of the “five year development plan” for Sri Lanka. A number of views were expressed regarding the matter.

“What we have to ask is did the prime minister of this country come into power through the vote of the people or through the money of Ajuna Mahendran?” questioned JVP MP,Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa

He added that the Prime Minister has forgotten the economy of the people of this country and is attempting to protect his classmate. And he is directing his parliamentary group for this purpose as well; while the UNP representatives in COPE are shamelessly speaking on behalf of Arjuna Mahendran.

He further pointed out that the Auditor General’s report clearly shows that the country has incurred a loss of Rs.1674 million through the bond transaction in two days and they haven’t yet made the calculation as to how much it will be in thirty years.

“The attempt made by the prime minister to save his friend even when such a fraud is before our eyes is disgusting”, charged Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa alleging that when the Former CBSL Governor was handed the the Board of Investment ‘he gnawed into it’and when the central bank was handed over to him, he did the same and now he has been appointed to a major sub committee in the country.

UPFA MP Bandula Gunawardena charged that the person with allegations raised against him and was denied the position of Central Bank Governor is accompanying the Prime minister to Singapore for talks on the economy and these actions are “completely contradictory.”

Former Minister Prof. G.L Peiris stated that there is the report of the Auditor General which says that the Former CBSL Governor did not fulfill his duties and there is a extensive investigation carried out through the COPE.  but amidst all of this he is being taken to Singapore as a close consultant to the prime minister.

“It is alright for any individual to engage in corruption as long as he is a friend, the deciding factor is this friendship”, charged the former minister.

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