Experts criticise govt’s ‘Committee-based-approach’ to controversial incidents

Experts criticise govt’s ‘Committee-based-approach’ to controversial incidents

Experts criticise govt’s ‘Committee-based-approach’ to controversial incidents

Written by Tharushan Fernando

19 Jul, 2016 | 8:43 pm

Experts charge that the government is systematically covering up certain controversial incidents in the country through the appointment of various committees.

They point out that the government is in the midst of an unsuccessful attempt to cover up incidents which occurred in the recent past, by appointing such committees.

Committees were appointed for several incidents which came to light in the recent past, including the controversial bond transaction. In light of these expose’s, yet another committee has been appointed with regard to the coal deal.

Executive Director of CaFFE, Keerthi Tennakoon stated that a committee has been appointed to examine two audit reports regarding the purchasing of coal and they have appointed Professor Perera as a member of this committee, who himself is a person who was the root cause for the birth of a mafia among officials as well as an engineers mafia within the Ceylon Electricity Board. And the officials who appear before these committees appointed by state officials themselves are most likely at the centre of the issue which is being investigated.

He further charged that these committees issue their recommendations based on the data and analysis compiled by these officials. So, the prime objective of these recommendations is in fact to protect and save those who are involved in various acts of fraud and corruption and not to fulfill the wishes of the public.

The appointment of such committees was also discussed during last night’s Face The Nation programme where it was questioned as to why there’s a committee appointed on top of a Supreme Court decision when it comes to this coal incident?

In reply, the Joint Secretary of the People’s Intellectual Assembly, Attorney-at-Law Chrishmal Warnasuriya charged that this committee is a “Whitewash”.

“This is like the committee that was appointed to look in to the Central Bank Governor’s appointment”, he said and added that there must be a stop to ‘putting these committees’.

He added that for everything that happens in the country, a committee is appointed, and it is talked of and then a decision by the committee is awaited and then it is made right but just ‘the committees won’t do it’. Because the apex judicial body of the country, the Supreme Court, has stated that this is null and void.

“We are cancelling it. Its against the law. All three of us are lawyers as Mahanamaheva said – it is contempt of court, he said.

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