Bring offenders to book: Nalanda College in the limelight over corruption allegations

Bring offenders to book: Nalanda College in the limelight over corruption allegations

Bring offenders to book: Nalanda College in the limelight over corruption allegations

Written by Staff Writer

07 Jul, 2016 | 10:03 pm

Two complaints regarding Nalanda College, Colombo were lodged with the Borella Police on Thursday.

One complaint was filed by two deputy principals of the school, together with the teachers in charge of prefects, and several prefects including the head boy.

The second complaint was lodged by the a parent of a students attached to Nalanda College.

The first complaint reveals an interesting story. The principal had allegedly used the services of prefects to monitor if posters were pasted against the principal during the night.While on patrol in this manner the prefects had noticed that individuals who lodged the second complaint today, entering and exiting the school at around 3 a.m.

If any posters are placed around the Nalanda College in a manner which would harm the image of the school then legal action should be taken against it. However, if steps were taken to deploy prefects during the night to monitor if such activities were taking place, then these persons should be removed from Nalanda College and the education sector as well.

According to the second complaint that was lodged today, the parent in question had stated that the head boy and several other prefects threatened him as he was dropping off his son to the school. According to the complaint, the parent had been threatened regarding the pasting of posters.

On June 9, prefects of Nalanda College were involved in yet another questionable action. They had attempted to lodge a complaint with the police stating that a teacher who is employed at Nalanda College had attempted to unlawfully enter the school.

The police refused to accept the complaint lodged by the prefects. The police who investigated the claims of the prefects had found out that an attempt was made to lodge a complaint against this teacher based on the instructions of the principal.

The teacher who reported to work as usual on June 16 was summoned before the police today after the principal of Nalanda College lodged a complaint over the phone that he had entered the school illegally.

On Thursday,  this teacher along with another academic staff member arrived at the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption to inquire into a complaint they had lodged regarding the principal of Nalanda College on a previous occasion.

On June 14 the Anti-Corruption Secretariat informed the Bribery Commission to launch investigations into the Principal of Nalanda College, Colombo, as their investigations have unearthed a financial fraud committed by the principal.

If the authorities and education official had any motivation to act on the unpleasantness surrounding Nalanda College, Colombo, they could have acted on the recommendations issued by numerous investigations into the acts of the principal.

Why do educational officials continue to remain silent and let one of  the premier schools in Colombo fall into disrepute? Who are they trying to protect?

Minister of Education, this is over to you….. 

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