To Leave or not to leave:BBC hosts ‘great debate’ on EU referendum

To Leave or not to leave:BBC hosts ‘great debate’ on EU referendum

To Leave or not to leave:BBC hosts ‘great debate’ on EU referendum

Written by Tharushan Fernando

22 Jun, 2016 | 4:08 pm

As Britain comes to a decision that will bring about an impact of historic proportions, leaders from either side of the EU referendum have traded blows in a live TV debate at Wembley Arena with campaigning coming to a close.




The Great debate consisted of two hours of questions based on immigration, the economy and sovereignty.

Scottish (officially the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party) Ruth Davidson repeatedly confronted Boris Johnson accusing his ‘ Leave’ side of lying while the ‘Remain’ side was accused of talking ‘talking down our country’.


Voters are to decide on Thursday whether the UK should stay or leave the in the European Union.

Ms Davidson was resilient, and in her closing statement for Remain, and called on the Britain to be ‘100 % sure’ charging that there was no going back on Friday morning.

She further added that Remain will not ignore experts advice who all agree that Britain has a better chance staiying in the EU.

The Former London mayor however managed to close off to a standing ovation from his supporters after his closing statement when he announced that “Thursday can be our country’s independence day” if Britain votes to leave

The referendum developments include More than 1,280 executives, including directors from 51 FTSE 100 companies, have added their names to a letter in the Times newspaper backing the UK’s membership of the EU while one of of the UK’s oldest firms, Tate & Lyle Sugars has penned a letter supporting Brexit to the staff noting that leaving the EU would benefit the business, while entrepreneur Sir James Dyson has described the vote as “the last opportunity to regain control of our futures”

Serving Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has come together with four of her predecessors to release a statement saying a vote for the UK to remain in the EU is “vital for jobs and investment”

Trade & Economy

Colleagues from both the Conservative and Labour Party clashed with each other with Former and present London mayors taking jabs at each other

Mayor Sadiq Khan accused his predecessor of changing his mind over the benefits of the EU to businesses. Mr Johnson claimed that the EU held back the UK’s trading progress with the rest of the world.

Ms. Davidson in answer to a question from a small- business owner,replied that she knew people found the EU “frustrating and fussy”, however the EU provided “a level playing field” for small businesses and if the UK leaves, the rest of the EU would impose tariffs and taxes.


Mr.Khan accused the ‘Leave’ side of spreading a wrong messege charging that their campaign had not been “project fear”, it had been “project hate” and further condemned them of lying and “trying to scare people” by saying Turkey was set to join the EU.

Frances O’Grady (Trades Union Congress) noted it was important to “manage” migration but said she was “fed up” with migrants being blamed for government shortcomings while Conservative party, Andrea Leadsom the Bank of England had said uncontrolled immigration put “downward pressure” on wages.


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