COPE discovers questionable medical supplies in Kelaniya warehouse raid

COPE discovers questionable medical supplies in Kelaniya warehouse raid

COPE discovers questionable medical supplies in Kelaniya warehouse raid

Written by Tharushan Fernando

22 Jun, 2016 | 9:19 pm

Members of the Committee on Public Enterprises or COPE raided two locations surrounded by controversy. A group of members of COPE including its Chairman, Parliamentarian Sunil Handunnetti, inspected a medical warehouse located on Maguruwila Road in Gonawala, Kelaniya.The State Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Sri Lanka maintains the warehouse on rent basis for the storage of expired medical supplies. However, the inspection revealed that medicines which can be used have also been stored in this warehouse.

COPE member,Deputy Minister Ranjan Ramanayake charged that medicines which have expired, as well medicines which can be used, are being stored here. He stated that used Ethanol was also found here and this situation continues to function actively.

“We received information about three such warehouses” said Deputy Minister Ashok Abeysinghe who pointed out that there are medical supplies which are expired and unusable worth nearly Rs.10.2 billion of which nearly Rs.300 million worth of medicines are stored in this warehouse and two others. This is a massive misuse of public money, he pointed out.

“Wherever we go, what we hear is that there is a shortage of medical supplies for patients” charged COPE chairman MP Sunil Handunnetti that who pointed out that the medicine found in the warehouse were manufactured in 2013 and expire in 2015, which means they could only be used for two years. He stated

But these medicines were brought to the country in 2014, which clearly does not give enough time for these medicines to be used and these medicines are being brought here and destroyed. But the more serious situation here is that among them are medicines which are issued to the medical supplies sector as well.

He further pointed out that the issue is that medicines which could be used to treat the patients in Sri Lanka are being destroyed. So a certain sum of money should be charged from the supplier and regardless of what the officials say, there is enough and more medicines to be issued to private hospitals as well as pharmacies.

The members of COPE also inspected a partially constructed building of the State Engineering Corporation in Peliyagoda. Rs.557 million was spent on this construction, which has now been abandoned.

It was revealed during the inspection that a sum of over Rs.800 million will be required to recommence functions of this building, which was constructed during the previous government.

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