Audit Query on Ananda College ignored by Education Minister

Audit Query on Ananda College ignored by Education Minister

Audit Query on Ananda College ignored by Education Minister

Written by Tharushan Fernando

03 Jun, 2016 | 10:26 pm

Even though the Auditor General had requested for an Audit Query from the Secretary to the Ministry of Education 105 days ago, with regard to the Audit Query on Ananda college be submitted to him within 14 days, the fact that the Secretary to the Ministry of Education had completely ignored that request, was seen based on the procedure followed by the Ministry, to fill the vacant post of Principal, at Rahula College Matara.

Accordingly, based on this Audit Query, a Former Vice Principal serving at Ananda College, had addressed this false letter to the father of a Grade 1 student who had applied to be admitted to the school this year, saying that he could obtain marks in a wrongful manner.

This leaving certificate bears testament to the false nature of that letter.

The post of Principal at Rahula College Matara fell vacant after Action was taken by the Ministry of Education based on an Audit Query published, that showed that the then Principal of the school had awarded false marks to certain students who were being admitted to Grade 1 last year.

A similar irregularity was caused by appointing the Former Vice Principal of Ananda College who produced such false documents, as the Principal of Rahula College Matara, and proves that the Actions of the Secretary only glorifies the malpractices committed, rather than condemn them.

According to this Audit Query, not a single member from the Interview Board had signed or certified the final marksheets of the students who had been interviewed to be admitted to Grade 1 of Ananda College this year.

Therefore, the credibility of these admission interviews can be challenged without a doubt.

The Audit Query showed that 1 Million rupees was charged from a student who had been admitted in a wrongful manner.

According to the Query, 44 percent of students admitted to Grade 1 of Ananda College, are children of those who live on rent in close proximity to the school.

Thus, this Query shows that the Principal had failed in his duties to inspect the location of residence of these students and to confirm it.

The Query also contains facts pertaining to 29 cases where legitimate information included in the Voters List was disregarded, and false marks were awarded, based on the whims and fancies of certain individuals.

Over 50 students have been admitted to Ananda College this year, in a wrongful manner, under the ‘proximity category’.

Thereby eligible candidates seeking admission to Ananda College have been deprived of their rightful opportunity to be considered in terms of the procedure laid out owing to the actions and omissions of those in authority.

On another note, as a result of a number of irregularities caused, a majority of students admitted to Ananda College this year, are those who are not worthy of a place in that school.

In the same manner, when the report on the irregularities committed by the current Principal of Ananda College, who served as the Principal of Rahula college on a prior occasion, was received at Isurupaya, he was appointed as the Director of Education for the Southern Province.

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