EgyptAir flight 804 ‘did not swerve’ before crash

EgyptAir flight 804 ‘did not swerve’ before crash

EgyptAir flight 804 ‘did not swerve’ before crash

Written by Staff Writer

24 May, 2016 | 6:41 am

An EgyptAir flight 804 that crashed in the Mediterranean did not swerve or lose altitude before disappearing, an Egyptian official says.

According to Greece’s Defence minister Panos Kammenos, the plane swerved and dropped to 10,000 feet before it fell off radar. The Airbus A320 was en route from Paris to Cairo with 66 people aboard.

Ehab Azmy, head of the National Air Navigation Services Company, told The Associated Press news agency on Monday that in the minutes before the plane disappeared it was flying at its normal altitude of 37,000 feet, according to the radar reading.

Greece’s Defence Minister Panos Kammenos had said the radar showed the Airbus A320 making two sharp turns and dropping more than 25,000ft (7,620m) before plunging into the sea.

Greek civil aviation authorities say all appeared fine with the flight until air traffic controllers were to hand it over to their Egyptian counterparts.

Meanwhile the search for the plane, which crashed with 66 aboard on Thursday, continues, with French navy ships arriving in the Mediterranean Sea on Monday.

The search has also reportedly found body parts and luggage. The main body of the plane and the two “black boxes” which record flight data and cockpit transmissions have not yet been located.

Air accident investigator Hani Galal told Reuters that, when found, the flight recorders would be analysed in Egypt, unless they were badly damaged. They are believed to be in waters between 2,500m and 3,000m deep.

However representative of an organization devoted to families of French passengers said the relatives aren’t sure they can trust the Egyptian investigation and want more involvement from France.



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