‘Joint Opposition’  –  a political controversy in the making

‘Joint Opposition’ – a political controversy in the making

‘Joint Opposition’ – a political controversy in the making

Written by Tharushan Fernando

29 Apr, 2016 | 8:45 pm

A statement issued on Thursday has brought the phrase ‘Joint Opposition’ to the forefront of politics once again.

UPFA MP, Dinesh Gunawardena pointed out that more than 50 parliamentarians have declared themselves as the joint opposition and even the Speaker has accepted this.

The UPFA MP called on the Secretary of the Media Ministry in Sri Lanka to resign, if he is unaware of this, or steps will be take following May Day, to take action to ensure he resigns.

“It would be morally correct for him to resign right away”,said MP Gunawardena

Secretary of the Ministry of Mass Media, Nimal Bopage on Friday convened a media briefing  on the matter.

“With regard to this matter, I do not believe in any way that this should be done involving the political authority”, said the Secretary of Ministry of Mass Media

He added that neither the President nor the Prime Minister, Minister or Deputy Minister were aware of this and this was not a political matter, but a matter of instilling a progressive culture for the media.

“I am speaking of the situation we will have to face in the future, against a backdrop where such an entity has not been recognised by parliament’, charged Secretary Bopage

He pointed out that the problem is that when there is an official opposition, people will ask why the news is talking of another opposition, while there is an Opposition Leader, a Chief Opposition Whip and then there is talk of the Joint Opposition and the people have been asking for clarification over this.

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