Eheliyagoda toddler falls to his death

Eheliyagoda toddler falls to his death

Eheliyagoda toddler falls to his death

Written by Tharushan Fernando

15 Apr, 2016 | 10:17 pm

A two-year-old met an untimely death after falling into an unprotected well in Bulugahapitiya in Eheliyagoda.

The toddler is raised by a single mother.The toddler’s mother had left to her place of employment , a garment factory, this morning, to earn a wage for survival. As this was the situation, the child is left in the care of the paralysed grandmother.

The child was playing in the garden on Thursday evening as usual. However, as there was no sight of the child at around 06, the grandmother began to look for him.

Though the child’s mother came home at that time, what they all witnessed was the lifeless body of the child inside the well.

The toddler’s grandmother explained that she was asleep and even though she had a stroke but made her way towards the yard.

“I can’t walk, my legs and hands are paralysed”, she said and  added that the child was inside the house but he always kept going to the houses of neighbour and back and forth even though he has been warned not to do so. She said that he had fallen into the well after the third time he was asked not go.

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