Mahaweli farmers lament over Anuradhapura, Thalawa, paddy purchasing prices

Mahaweli farmers lament over Anuradhapura, Thalawa, paddy purchasing prices

Mahaweli farmers lament over Anuradhapura, Thalawa, paddy purchasing prices

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06 Apr, 2016 | 10:18 pm

Paddy was purchased in a number of areas on Wednesday as well.

While paddy was purchased from paddy purchasing centers in Thalawa, Anuradhapura, farmers charge that the the price given for paddy is unsatisfactory.

A farmer noted that, when taking manufacturing cost into account, Rs. 41 is not a price that could be satisfied about. Mahaweli farmers earn an income from just 5000 kilos of paddy from two and a half acres of paddy land. A farmer must live in the paddy fields for six months of the year. The price offered to them is unsatisfactory.

Another farmer noted that it was the businessman who earned the profit last time. Explaining further, he noted:

I would be better off if the farmer was just given a concession of Rs.50,000  without weighing paddy, and no fertiliser subsidy.

A woman noted that along with the expenses they have, the price granted for paddy is insufficient. She went on to note that it would be better if they were offered the previous price.

The men receive a salary of Rs.1200 rupees while the women get a salary of Rs.1000 which is insufficient.

Farmers who arrived at paddy marketing centres in Thambutthegama said that the government was late to purchase the paddy. This had caused a congestion at the paddy marketing centres.

Farmers in Polonnaruwa said that paddy was purchased better than it was last time around. However, they stated that they were not satisfied on the price of paddy.

They added that this will be stopped on the 10th and noted that it would be better if they continue to purchase it for longer. The price of paddy was also reduced more than what it was from the previous time. They pointed out that it would be better if they take that into consideration and give the paddy at the old price.

From the 12,000 farmers in the Vavuniya District, 7000 are registered to purchase paddy at the government stipulated price. But only 3000 metric tonnes of paddy could be purchased by the government from the Vavuniya District.

While two million eight hundred and twenty five thousand one hundred and thirty kilogrammes of paddy has been purchased from 1462 farmers, paddy was purchased from just 1500 farmers. This has inconvenienced over 10,000 farmers.

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