Wattala walking path destruction – Miscommunication or ignorance?

Wattala walking path destruction – Miscommunication or ignorance?

Wattala walking path destruction – Miscommunication or ignorance?

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29 Mar, 2016 | 6:30 am

The demolished walking path at Kalu Ela, Wattala will be rebuilt, guarantees Chairman, Land Reclamation and Development Corporation, Asela Iddawela.

According to Asela Iddawela, the task of rebuilding  would be undertaken by the contractor responsible for the demolition under the enforcement of police.

The walking path was constructed by the previous government at a cost of Rs. 8 million.

People who arrived at the location as usual for their morning fitness routine, protested against the demolition. They claimed that a prominent politician from the Wattala electorate was responsible for the destruction of the walking path.

Minister of Tourism Development and Christian Affairs John Amaratunge stated on Sunday, March 27 that a road will be built to access a village which is located on the other side of the walking path. He stated that the necessary permission has been obtained for the task.

Minister Amaratunge also noted that the police were informed of the matter. However, according to the police, no one knows who demolished the track, which is located just a few metres away from the police station. Police noted that there is a 60-foot sanctuary along the canal and a 50-foot road.

Minister John Amaratunge has also said that the road is being built on a request from the Urban Development Authority. However, the Commissioner of the Wattala Mabole Urban Council Devika Samarawickrema says that the Council has not been informed in writing as yet. The Commissioner also noted that a complaint has been lodged with the police in this regard.

The Chairman of the Land Reclamation and Development Corporation inspected the scene and stated that no permission was granted by the Corporation to demolish the track or to make any changes. He noted that the destroyed track will be rebuilt “better than it was before.”

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