Power and Renewable Energy Minister comments on proposed Sampur Project

Power and Renewable Energy Minister comments on proposed Sampur Project

Power and Renewable Energy Minister comments on proposed Sampur Project

Written by Tharushan Fernando

29 Mar, 2016 | 8:46 pm

As questions continue to be raised over the proposed Sampur Coal Power Plant, the Minister of Power and Renewable Energy convened a media briefing on Tuesday to comment on the project.

Minister of Power and Renewable Energy, Ranjith Siyambalapitiya pointed out that there are many issues that need to be addressed in the Sampur Project, that will cost 6000 million US Dollars.

He added that the president convened a meeting and proposed a visit to Sampur, together with all those legally bound to environment and beyond, as well the minister, deputy minister and officials.

“We hope that the report on this will reach us in the next two weeks”, he said and explained that these energy projects need to be done on time because it has a direct impact. And there will be no plants after Sampur one and two,  which will be done with Japan.

“Afterwards our aim is to enter renewable power generation”, said the Minister.

The current status of the electricity supply was also raised at the briefing where Deputy Minister of Power and Renewable Energy, Ajith P. Perera stated that if there is no natural tragedy such as Tsunami, electricity can be provided for 24 hours.

The deputy minster further noted that there is an issue in the system and the president, prime minister and the cabinet are aware of it.  He said that therefore focus on this is paramount and there is a belief that the shortcoming can be addressed and the government will grant the funds and the issue will be rectified within a considerable period of time.

The Ceylon Electricity Board has also decided to lauch a competition to encourage low electricity consumption. The competition has been named, Viduliya Wasana.

The Minister of Power and Renewable Energy explained that if the electricity consumption in April is ten percent less than March, he or she will enter the competition.

“We are prepared to wipe off the entire bill of the first 1000 persons who use electricity for the month of April, 20 percent less than March”, he said. He added that in addition the first 5000 who save more than 10 percent, will see 50 percent of their electricity bill being wiped off

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