The SLFP will not split: Min. Faiszer Mustapha

The SLFP will not split: Min. Faiszer Mustapha

The SLFP will not split: Min. Faiszer Mustapha

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28 Mar, 2016 | 8:03 pm

The Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government has announced that the task of delimitation for all electorates in the country, will have to be repeated.

The Ministry said this step is being taken considering petitions submitted to the appeals committee on delimitation. Laws providing for the conducting of local government elections through a mix of the first – past the post and proportional representation systems, have been enacted in parliament.

While the delimitation of electorates in each district was undertaken in line with the new laws, several complaints had been submitted in the recent past.

Subject Minister Faiszer Mustapha later appointed an appeals committee to examine these complaints. The Committee has already examined complaints from eight districts.

The Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government says the national committee which carried out the task of delimitation, had not consulted all political parties and civil society. Examination of the appeals submitted had also revealed that the national committee failed to consider the recommendations of district committees.

Chairman of Appeals Committee on Delimitation, Ashoka Peiris stated that complaints had been submitted regarding the delimitation of 1,885 electorates by February 20.

Explaining further, he stated that their primary task was to resolve issues with electorates, secondly consider complaints regarding electorates being split into two and calls for changes.

He added that at least another 70 percent of the electorates will change and along with these changes it is dangerous to hold an election in this backdrop.

Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government, Faiszer Musthapha stated that he is ready to call for elections immediately if he receives a complete report on the committee on Tuesday.

He added that he doesn’t have a right to call an election, with an incomplete report in hand as he cannot hold an election before the appeals on delimitation are heard.

Questions were raised since the administration of many local government bodies had collapsed. Faiszer Mustapha raised a question as to whether these have become dysfunctional because they are being run by officials.

Furthermore, he added that people think that when public representatives are elected, local government bodies function well.

Speaking on the SLFP, he noted that the SLFP will not split as Mahinda Rajapaksa stated that in the past the SLFP was like a saloon door, since people come and go.

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