Met Department predicts a change in weather

Met Department predicts a change in weather

Met Department predicts a change in weather

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23 Mar, 2016 | 7:53 pm

The Department of Meteorology notes that the prevalent extreme humid weather condition will decline within the next ten days. However, the department adds that the humid temperature would prevail until the month of May.

A change in the weather circulation pattern has been cited by the Department of Meteorology as the main reason for the dry weather that has affected the entire country.

The department points out that the average temperatures in many parts of the country have increased by 2’C to 3’C due to the low winds experienced. The sun will be directly above the country  in the first week of April. As a result, perspiration that leaves the human body will not evaporate. Thereby, the warmth felt to the human body both at noon and night will be high.

Another reason for the warm weather is the high temperature of the winds flowing from the ocean towards land and the high density of water vapour in the environment.

The highest temperature was recorded from Mahailluppalama which stood at 37.4 degrees Celsius. The warm weather has caused a sense of unease among the general public.

According to reports, Anuradhapura was 36’C, Matara – 32’C, Vavuniya – 37’C.  Doctors recommend an increased intake of water in order to avoid any health-related issues caused by the warm weather.

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