Met Dept says warm weather will continue – a message for those exercising outdoors

Met Dept says warm weather will continue – a message for those exercising outdoors

Met Dept says warm weather will continue – a message for those exercising outdoors

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21 Mar, 2016 | 8:44 pm

The Department of Meteorology says that exercising outdoors, amidst the warm temperatures, which is affecting the country, is harmful to the body. They added that the extremely warm weather will cease, to a certain extent, during the latter part of April.

As the warm weather continues to affect several parts of the country, higher temperatures were reported from the Kurunegala District over the past 24 hours ending at 8.30 Monday morning. A staggering 37.9 celsius degrees was recorded in the district. Anuradhapura recorded a temperature of 37.8 degrees celsius, 37.7 degrees celsius in Mahailuppallama, Vavuniya 37 degrees celsius and 36.3 degrees celsius in Jaffna.

Lower temperatures were recorded from Nuwara Eliya with 14 degrees celsius. Those taking part in any outdoor physical activity under the immense heat are advised to take precautions to avoid cases of dehydration.

Director of the Department of Meteorology, A.S. Premalal stated that they are expecting the dry weather conditions to end by the end of  March, after which the inter-monsoonal weather conditions would set in,  bringing a considerable amount of rain.

Nevertheless, they expect to receive lesser rainfall in the month of April than what is usually experienced.  They state that relief can be expected with the Southeastern monsoonal weather conditions which will occur during the latter part of May.

The Department added  that temperatures in most parts of the country  has risen by 2 to 3 degrees celsius at present.

Meanwhile, at a media briefing, General Manager of the National Water Supply and Drainage Board Ranjith Balasuriya said that there is no need for a disruption in the supply of water.

General Manager of  the NWSDB, Ranjith Balasuriya stated that during the past they have never had the need to cut the supply of water during the Sinhala and Tamil New Year.

He added that anyone knows that in the months of May and September the Sun travels closest to the earth, causing a high demand for water due to rising temperatures. Due to the high demand, there may be a situation where certain areas may not receive water, he explained. He stated however that at these times they will supply water through bowsers.

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