Fire breaks out at Opatha Substation

Fire breaks out at Opatha Substation

Fire breaks out at Opatha Substation

Written by Tharushan Fernando

18 Mar, 2016 | 4:34 pm

Deputy Minister of Power and Renewable Energy, Ajith P Perera says that the fire which broke out at the Opatha Substation of the CEB has resulted in the restriction of electricity supplied to several areas.

He adds that the transformer which exploded today is one similar to the transformer which recently exploded at the Biyagama Substation.

The Deputy Minister went on to say that the Opatha Substation is located on the course from which electricity is supplied from Norochcholai to Colombo.

He adds that this situation has caused difficulty in stabilizing a balanced national power grid.

What is notable is that the incident took place just a few hours after the 2 generators in Norochcholai were put back into operation.

A Sri Lanka Air Force Security detail was provided to this Sub-Station from Wednesday.This transformer is located on the course that supply’s electricity from Norochcholai to Colombo.

The fire was reported several hours after the two generators at the Norochcholai Power-Plant were returned to operation. The two generators added 600 MW of power to the National Grid. Following the incident the electricity obtained from Norochcholai to the National Grid was restricted to 450 MW.

Deputy Minister of Power and Renewable Energy,Ajith P. Perera explained that there is serious engineering challenge to control the overall system

Repairs on the damaged transformer commenced this evening while the Subject Minister also arrived at the location.

“We have managed the situation, preventing it from affecting the national grid like last Sunday” said the Minister of Power and Renewable Energy,Ranjith Siyambalapitiya who further explained that Norochcholai is functioning at the moment and the ability exists to manage the situation with minimum inconvenience while all the committees that were appointed by the President will convene tomorrow,those committees will include this incident in their reports as well

A new transformer was fixed to replace the transformer that was detroyed in an explosion at the Biyagama Sub-Station on the 13th. The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka says that the Islandwide power failure is a violation of license condition 30.

In a letter addressed to the General Manager of the Ceylon Electricity Board, the Public Utilities Commission says it is the responsibility of the Transmission Licensee under condition 30 of the Transmission License to maintain an uninterrupted power-supply throughout the country.

It adds that the commission had conducted a comperhensive study on the failure on the 27th of September 2015 and had observed several short-comings.

The letter adds that if the Transmission Licensee does not agree with the recommendations, communications must be made before the 24th and the CEB is directed to design long term measures to avoid system failures in the future.

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