News1st’s Gammedda amidst the helpless in Nuwara Eliya, Kegalle, Ampara

News1st’s Gammedda amidst the helpless in Nuwara Eliya, Kegalle, Ampara

News1st’s Gammedda amidst the helpless in Nuwara Eliya, Kegalle, Ampara

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16 Mar, 2016 | 9:09 pm

A national public service initiative, the News1st’s Gammedda Door-to-Door campaign, got underway for its twenty second day on Wednesday March 16.

The campaign which is being supported by the University of Peradeniya is in effect in the Nuwara Eliya, Kegalle and Ampara districts.

The News1st Gammedda team touring the Nuwara Eliya District, commenced their journey from Bandaranaikepura in Hatton on Wednesday.

Thereafter, the team split in two and visited the Samanalagama and Kudagama villages.

This dispensary in Hatton caught the eye of the Newsfirst Gammedda team which toured Samanalagama. Locals in the area say that this dispensary which was handed over to the public on October 17, 2005 does not have the required amount of facilities.

The dental clinic of the dispensary was opened today, after a span of eight months with the efforts of the News1st Gammedda team.

This made way for the locals of Samanalagama to enjoy the benefits of the dental clinic as of today.

The other Gammedda team which commenced their journey from Bandaranaikepura, met with the locals of the Kudagama village who are severely inconvenienced by a garbage mound.

Locals say that garbage collected from Ambagamuwa and Maskeliya being disposed at this site, has transformed the village of Samanalagala which once stood for its beauty, to this garbage dump.

This canal which flows along the garbage mound has caused a health hazard not only to the people of Samanalagala, but to locals of many nearby villages.

The polluted water of the canal flows into the Mahaweli River, which is a source of water to several areas including the Watawala, Ginigathhena and Gampola areas.

Another News1st Gammedda team going from door to door inquiring into the issues of the people in the Kegalle District, commenced their journey today from the Bulathkohupitiya Pannala Viharaya.

Upon visiting the Sri Vardhanarama Buddhist Primary School in the Haththagoda village, our team came across a plethora of issues.

Students of the 1st Grade in the school carry out their classes at the temple as the school, which is already facing a water crisis, does not have proper building facilities.

The other News1st Gammedda team touring the Kegalle District visited the Alawathura, Ambuwakka and the lower Newusmiyer village.

Upon reaching the lower Newusmiyer village, our team met a family of seven.The parents of this family which have the responsibility of feeding the five mouths with the little they earn from a day’s work. They live in this clay hut.

Meanwhile a group of locals of Peethawa, Yatiyantota had been waiting patiently all day till night fall, anxious to meet the News1st Gammedda team touring the Kegalle District.

After visiting this village, it was witnessed that these locals spend their nights with the aide of a fire. The Gammedda team touring the Ampara District visited the Annamale area where the underdeveloped Sri Shakthi Viyalaya caught our team’s eye.

The students of this area who obtain their education with limited facilities, also face the threat of crocodiles in the Annamale lake.

The other team touring Ampara inquired into the issues faced in the Samanthurai area. The locals of this area too face a myriad of issues, including the threat of crocodiles and wild elephants.

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