Foul play confirmed in discovery of charred corpses in Dankotuwa

Foul play confirmed in discovery of charred corpses in Dankotuwa

Foul play confirmed in discovery of charred corpses in Dankotuwa

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13 Mar, 2016 | 9:37 pm

It has been revealed that the incident in which five charred bodies were found in a van in Dankotuwa was a premeditated multiple homicide.

The Criminal Investigations Department has arrested five suspects over the incident.

Responding to a tip-off received on the Police Emergency Hotline at dawn on Friday, police discovered five charred bodies inside a van in the Koshenawatte area in Bujjampola, Dankotuwa.

The Criminal Investigations Department which conducted further investigations into the case, arrested five suspects in connection to the incident.

Officers of the CID brought the suspects to the Makandura market premises early Sunday evening.

After interrogating the suspects it was revealed that the murders were carried out over a case of extortion.

Kapila Senarath Bandara who was identified as the driver of the van, had on several occasions demanded cash from the main suspect in the incident, who is a businessman from Makandura.

Thereby, on Thursday night, Kapila Senarath had been called by the chief suspect, to the Makandura area to pay him the money.

Kapila Senarath thereafter arrived at the location with four others in the van.

The main suspect had told the CID that they had consumed alcohol together with the victims and had then taken Kapila Senarath Bandara to the Makandura Market, stating that the money will be given,  and upon reaching the location, had clubbed him to death.

It was also revealed, while interrogating the suspects, that another individual who came in search of Kapila Senerath was murdered in the same manner and that both the bodies were placed in the van along with the two students who were under the influence of alcohol; after which the van was driven to the Koshenawatte area where it was set ablaze with a petrol bomb.

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