Kevilton joins News1st Gammedda mission of compassion; in Kandy, Kalutara and East

Kevilton joins News1st Gammedda mission of compassion; in Kandy, Kalutara and East

Kevilton joins News1st Gammedda mission of compassion; in Kandy, Kalutara and East

Written by Staff Writer

12 Mar, 2016 | 10:33 pm

The largest public service initiative Sri Lanka has ever seen, the News 1st Gammedda Door-to-Door’Campaign marked day 18 on Saturday.

News 1st visited the Akurana, Kasawatte and Bosada villages in the Kandy District today. The primary concern raised by the people from the Bosada village was the road system in the area not being renovated for over three years.

Families living in around 500 houses on the road from Bosada to Pujapitiya have been left in discomfort due this. The locals from Ihagama , Medawala also suffer from the absence of a proper road system.

The bridge in question in the Debaralawa area in Medawala was built at a cost of Rs.30 million. However, measures have not been taken to construct a proper road system.

The News 1st based in the Eastern Province visited the areas of Vilgamvehera , Upparuwa, Sona-Wettuwana today, and inquired in to the issues faced by the locals.

The major concerns that were noted was the absence of permanent land deeds, drinking water crisis and the constant threat of wild elephants.

In order to fulfill their daily drinking water needs, these locals have been forced to walk around five kilometres to obtain water.

An electric fence that has been set-up around the Kuchchaveli Forest Reserve in Kantale appears to be a measure to prevent wild elephants from encroaching on to village. The task of maintaining the fence now lies with the villages

In the Sona-Wettuwan village. News 1st came across a group of people who were displaced by the war.

People from the Upparu village, are spending their lives amidst the greatest difficulties.

‘Kevilton’ a company under the Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited supported the News 1st Gammedda Door-to-Door Campaign today.

A News 1st team visited several villages that come under the Bulathsinhala Divisional Secretariat in the Kalutara District.

The Kolambewa village is located on the borders of the Western and Sabaragamuwa Provinces and the major issued faced by the locals was the lack of a proper road system.

This bridge is what links the two provinces. (Please see video).

During the News 1st Gammedda Door to Door Campaign today, the News 1st team came across this extraordinary individual who earns an income by working in the tea estates in the Walakada area in Baduraliya.

Though he had lost his sight, he had not lost the courage within, and works to provide for his family of three sisters. They live amidst many difficulties and have one request from the responsible authorities of the nation.

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