CID commences investigations over discovery of charred bodies in Dankotuwa

CID commences investigations over discovery of charred bodies in Dankotuwa

CID commences investigations over discovery of charred bodies in Dankotuwa

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11 Mar, 2016 | 10:13 pm

Charred bodies of five persons were discovered inside a burnt out van in the Bujjampola area, Dankotuwa on Friday morning.

Investigations into this matter have been handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department. Police discovered this burnt out van on the morning of Friday, March 11,   in the Koshenawatte area on the Bujjanpola – Irabadagama road in Dankotuwa.

Information of the discovery had come through the 119 Police emergency hotline. The van that was burnt out is said to be of a Financial Institution registered under the number WP GH 1080.

Police suspect that the van had made its way to this isolated area between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.

The van was completely burnt by the fire and the bodies that were discovered inside were charred beyond recognition.

Our correspondent who visited the location said that the bodies were located in the rear seats of the van. They added that there were no bodies on the front seats of the van.

Police suspects that the victims has been shot first and then brought to this location in the van and had been set on fire.

In addition, a pair of foot-wear was discovered next to the van while blood splatter was found 500m away from the location and police have ruled out any possibility that the van had caught fire following a technical fault.

The magisterial inquiry was conducted by the Additional Magistrate of Marawila.

There are suspicions that the the driver of the van may be a resident from the Makandura area in Pannala as his wife who came to the area recognised the van.

As the bodies were burnt beyond recognition she failed to identify her husbands from amongst the bodies.

She had informed the police that her husband has been missing since a week. The individual named as Kapila Senarath Bandara is one who has several cased filed against him and is said to be a repossesion employee from a Leasing Company.

Police said that the van was registered in the name of  woman from Colpetty.

Police added that she had provided this van to the said financial institution based in Colombo. According to the locals, two homicides has taken place in this area on two previous occassions.

The bodies were handed over to the Negombo Judicial Medical Officer for the post-mortem examination.

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