News1st Gammedda spotlights travails of the downtrodden from North to South

News1st Gammedda spotlights travails of the downtrodden from North to South

News1st Gammedda spotlights travails of the downtrodden from North to South

Written by Lahiru Fernando

06 Mar, 2016 | 10:43 pm

The Gammedda Door-to-Door Campaign, a national public service initiative continued its initiative across the country for the twelfth day on Sunday March 6, inquiring into issues faced by the rural community.

North Central Province

The villagers of Sinhapura in Welikanda celebrated the end of the 30-year long conflict, with boundless hope that the dawn of peace would bring the benefits of development to their village. However, the News 1st Gammedda team witnessed the shattered dreams of its people.

This agrarian community has been forced into abandoning agriculture as they can no longer protect their crops. The efforts of the authorities to save face, as wild elephants ravage farmland, has forced the villagers to despair. While electric fences constructed by private investors, paid with taxpayers funds have made the village unsafe, the destruction wrought by wild elephants is evident by what Biso Menika told the Gammedda team.

She recalled the day a wild elephant wrecked her house. She said that  the elephant came into her house while she was sleeping. She stated that the man next door responded to her cries for help by throwing firecrackers – successfully scaring the elephant into the yard.

In the face of the human-elephant conflict, people here have been forced to struggle to protect not only their crops, but also their lives.

Northern Province

The News 1st Gammedda team touring the Northern Province, visited the Mullikulam area in Mannar. While going from door to door, inquiring into the issues the locals face, our team stumbled upon the Mullikulam Tamil School.

The school accommodates students from grade 1 upto 10. However, due to the scarcity of teachers, a student is taught four subjects a day.

Southern Province

The team in the Southern Province commenced their campaign from the Pallegama Sri Kettharama Viharaya in Deniyaya on Sunday. The 130 families in the Sellakandawatte area in Deniyaya live in estate houses which are nearly 200 years old.

Another News 1st Gammedda team visited a village, which has a truck service instead of a bus service.

The News 1st Gammedda team drew its attention to the crisis the people of Mugunamulla, Nawalahena, Galbokka, Olakumbura and Hathalishaya Nawa villages face due to the improper and insufficient transport service they have to live with.

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