Sambodhi Primary School parents shun attempts to clear HIV misconceptions

Sambodhi Primary School parents shun attempts to clear HIV misconceptions

Sambodhi Primary School parents shun attempts to clear HIV misconceptions

Written by Tharushan Fernando

04 Mar, 2016 | 6:30 am

Parents of students studying in the Sambhodi Primary School in Bohandiya did not provide an opportunity for the specialists doctors who arrived at the school, to clear the misconceptions of HIV. Neither did they grant an opportunity for the officials of the Child protection authority to express views – and to make them understand – that this child too has a right to education, similar to other children.

However, the North Western Provincial Minister of Education was able to provide a solution that made the parents of this school “more than satisfied.”

North Western Provincial Minister of Education, Sandya Rajapakasa stated that he will find a different school for the child and he called on the parents to let their children attend school once again.

However, if measures take place as the provincial minister promised, this child will lose the opportunity to study at the best and the school situated  nearest to his house -the Sambhodi Primary School. The child was admitted to grade one of this school last Thursday amidst police security based on instructions of the Human Rights Commission.

It is possible that the parents of other students, who refrained from sending their children to school, after an unnecessary phobia about HIV, see this provincial minister as a hero and a saviour but if the principal of this school takes steps to sack the student from the school the HIV label, that is pasted on the child by the parents of this school, and many in Bohandiya, will become a permanent and irreversible one.

At an instance where the whole world accepts that individuals who are HIV positive should not be cornered, it is a legally questionable matter if the same happens to a child who is proven through medical reports that he is not HIV positive, in a highly literate country such as Sri Lanka.

This statement by the principal of the school further clarifies this point.

After the meeting yesterday the provincial minister who arrived at the house of the said student reiterated that the student should be admitted to a different school. .It is clear through this letter that the minister is trying to provide a school to this child that will require an additional amount of time to travel to and additional cost.

It should be noted that this child does not have his father,

At a backdrop where the Zonal Education director of Kuliyapitiya is touring China to find out new educational techniques of the new world, an acting director has addressed a letter to the mother of this child that a school in the Kuliyapitiya Education Zone cannot be granted for the child to study in.

In addition, it is stated that the principals of schools in the area have a hypothesis that the parents could object to the move of  the child being admitted to their respective schools.

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