North Korea launches missiles hours after UN’s vote on new sanctions

North Korea launches missiles hours after UN’s vote on new sanctions

North Korea launches missiles hours after UN’s vote on new sanctions

Written by Tharushan Fernando

03 Mar, 2016 | 4:24 pm

South Korea’s defense ministry has said that North Korea has fired six-short range projectiles in to the sea. The missile launch is seen as a low-level act of defiance to  the UN’s new sanctions against the isolated regime.

A South Korean spokesperson had told the Yonhap news agency, that the projectiles were fired from Wonsan (a port city and naval base in Kandprkmaphighgwŏn Province in North Korea) on the east coast hours after the UN imposed some of the toughest sanctions against North Korea.
The ministry noted that the projectiles were either rockets or guided missiles. Exasperated with North Korea’s defiant testing of nuclear bombs and ballistic missiles, the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously on Wednesday (2nd of March) to severely toughen its penalties against the isolated country. The US and North Korea’s increasingly wary ally, China spent seven weeks negotiating the new sanctions passed by the security council on Wednesday.

“The international community, speaking with one voice, has sent Pyongyang a simple message: North Korea must abandon these dangerous programs and choose a better path for its people,” Barack Obama said in a statement

The US,its western allies and Japan pressured for new sanctions that went beyond the North’s nuclear and missile programs but Pyongyangs neighbor was not completely on board since any threat to N.Koreas stability can have a ripple effect on the nation that is home to the worlds largest population. Nonetheless, Beijing did agree to several economic measures

BeFunky CollageSouth Korea’s President Park Geun-hye welcomed the sanctions, stating that she hopes the Northern Regime “will now abandon its nuclear development programme and embark on a path of change”

North Korea continues to stand by its claims that its missile programme is purely scientific in nature, but the US South Korea and even its ally China insist that such launches like the one which put a satellite in orbit last month are potentially,aimed at developing inter-continental ballistic missiles

What are the bans?

  • Export of Coal iron and iron ore (that are used in North Korea’s nuclear or ballistic missile programmes)
  • All rare earth minerals and aviation fuel exports (ie:gold, titanium ore, vanadium ore and “kerosene-type rocket fuel”)
  • Any item that could develop North Korea’s armed forces (except food and medicine)
  • Small arms and light weapons are now included in an arms embargo.
  • Equipment added to a ban on luxury goods (ie: Upmarket watches, watercraft, snowmobiles and other recreational sports equipment)
  • No vessels or planes can be leased or registered to North Korea.

Other measures have been imposed alongside the bans. Member states must inspect all cargo to and from North Korea, not just those suspected of containing prohibited items.An asset freeze on North Korean funds linked to nuclear and missile programmes. Foreign financial institutions cannot open new offices in North Korea without approval, and North Korean banks cannot open offices abroad.

It also adds 16 individuals, 12 “entities” including the National Aerospace Development Agency which was responsible for February’s rocket launch, and 31 ships owned by the North Korean shipping firm Ocean Maritime Management Company to the sanctions blacklist.

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