Height of excitement atop Wellawaya’s Kurullangala Mountain

Height of excitement atop Wellawaya’s Kurullangala Mountain

Height of excitement atop Wellawaya’s Kurullangala Mountain

Written by Staff Writer

22 Feb, 2016 | 11:48 am

For the first time in the history of Sri Lanka, a group of journalists spent the night on top of the dangerous Kurullangala Mountain, located in Wellawaya.

News 1st brings to you a one-of a kind experience. The aim was to witness how the rays of sunlight bring life to the magnificent works of art on the mountain walls.

The works of art opened a new avenue of exploration into Sri Lanka’s pre-historic life. The night spent atop the Rakkiththa Kanda mountain was one filled with adventure, fear and excitement.

As the sun broke through the darkness and the cold and misty weather began to disappear, the excitement to witness the magnificent and mysterious work of art started to grow.

As daylight broke, we were taken by surprise by the sound of a mysterious and unknown bird.

Mettananda was our guide in this journey and the honour of discovering this mysterious place goes to him. Today he told us that witnessing this bird is a very rare sight.

However, our cameraman was quick to capture footage of this bird rarely seen by humans.

As rays of sunlight from the East touched the mountain walls, the works of art in Kurullangala mesmerised us.

These works of art have clear geometrical shapes and includes lifelike drawings of birds, in addition to the other shapes.

Some of the drawings cannot be clearly identified  and raise questions on what they actually depict.

These drawings do not belong  to any of the traditions of art in Sri Lanka. Among these drawings, the marks of human hands in red can be witnesses.

What is significant is that they are of the palm of a left hand.

Researchers and archaeologists have different opinions on these works of art. Professor Raj Somadeva told us about other such places where these types of work can be found.

Professor Raj Somadeva says that Rapa Nui is an isolated island in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and the tribesman that lived in this island used to believe on a Bird-Man and they even worshiped this Bird-Man.

He also stated that the tribesman also performed a number of rituals for this worship adding that one of the ways of worship was the drawing of the images of the bird-man on the rocks and mountains of this island.

He also said ”We can clearly draw a distinction between the drawings of the bird-man worshiping Rapa Nui islanders in the Pacifist and from what was discovered in Rakkiththakanda. This does not mean that the two traditions and cultures have a direct connection. We can only determine that fact only after we conduct many tests on the drawings located on the Kurullangala Mountain …”

Even to date, there is clear evidence that these drawings ranges across an area of the mountain which is over 40 feet in height.

However, opened to torrential downpour and decay over a period of time, what now remains is only an area which is 08 feet in heights.

So, does the responsibility of preservation on fall on you an I?

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