Extortion mafia attacks Balangoda private bus driver who refused to pay

Extortion mafia attacks Balangoda private bus driver who refused to pay

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07 Feb, 2016 | 9:23 pm

A bus driver who stood against the private bus extortion mafia, has been attacked in Balangoda.

Private bus companies claim that the owners, drivers and conductors of the 20,000 private buses operating in the country, have fallen victim to extortion cartels.

Accusations have been raised that no matter how many complaints have been lodged with the police, steps have not been taken to carry out raids.

As a result of being unable to personally protest against this situation, employees on private buses have resigned themselves to paying off the extortionists.

Even the commuters are aware of this racket. Nevertheless, there appears to be no enthusiasm on the part of law enforcement, to investigate the matter.

News1st cameras across the country, captured this footage on Sunday, of extortionists collecting money from bus employees.


A private bus driver on the Colombo – Badulla route, was attacked by thugs in Balangoda on Saturday night, for refusing to pay.

He is currently being treated at the Ratnapura General Hospital. Bus owners claim that many have left the industry, due to the lack of response from the authorities, to this problem.

It is common even for commuters to witness intermediaries demanding payment on private buses.


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