Embilipitiya incident taken up in courts

Embilipitiya incident taken up in courts

By Tharushan Fernando

13 Jan, 2016 | 10:21 pm

The Magistrate inquiry of the Embilipitiya incident took place today and was held before the Embilipitiya Additional Magistrate. As per the instructions of the IGP, the Police Media Spokesperson had been appointed to conduct the gathering of evidence in this case.

The case revolves around an individual who fell off a building during a conflict and was severely injured ,succumbed to his injuries on the 7th of this month.

Police Media Spokesperson,Attorney-at-Law ASP Ruwan Gunasekara stated that in the beginning, the aggrieved party staged a protest with regard to the handling of the evidence but a short while after I started operating this process , the attorney of the aggrieved party joined in working with me on this and today we received two police officer’s witness statements while another officer’s statement was recorded briefly and the evidence from the autopsy report will be submitted tomorrow at 2pm to the Additional Magistrate at the Embilipitiya Magistrates Court.

Attorney for the Deceased party,Vijitha G. Punchihewa stated that after looking at all the official evidence and the attorney recording the witness statements requested on behalf of the police that the case be taken up as a story ,so this needs to be taken up in order and witness statements from the civilians will be obtained thereafter and the court was satisfied in this regard.

He further added if the necessary witnesses aren’t listed then anyone can stand as a witness for the case and it’s open, therefore this case cannot be solved with just the police witness reports.

Meanwhile it was reported that notebooks of journalists who were at the courts to report on the issue were collected by a police officer.During an inquiry, the Police media spokesperson stated that this incident was discussed about with the court registrar.He further added that there was no issue on this regard.