Megapolis project officially unveiled in Colombo

Megapolis project officially unveiled in Colombo

Megapolis project officially unveiled in Colombo

Written by Tharushan Fernando

29 Jan, 2016 | 10:32 pm

The government’s flagship Megapolist Project, was officially unveiled at the Independence Square under the auspices of President Maithripala Sirisena on Friday. President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe planted two trees at Independence Square to mark the inauguration of the project. The event commenced amidst mult-religious observances and saw the participation of ministers, MPs, diplomats and many others.

Addressing the event, the President noted that the attempt made by the new government is an ambitious one,  to make our motherland one of the greatest nations of tomorrow, and the decision made today will decide on our tomorrow.

He added that when building the country, when we speak of creating a beautiful city it means  building the lives of the people living in that city and through that city, beautify the lives of the people

He also noted that this does not mean to embellish the appearance of the people but to create people who are healthy in mind , body and soul. And under the new concepts that has been created for the economy new inventions economic knowledge and green economy are mainly spoken of and it is paramount that this is made available for the youth generations of the country.

He further stated that the government is engaged in the task of developing the physical resources as well as the attitudes of the people to create a more disciplined society and that the two main political parties have come together and there is a need to join with the other political parties and overcome the present economical, social and cultural challenges.

“Today is an auspicious moment as the new government is taking a stride towards making Sri Lanka as one of the greatest in the world, ” he said

Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe stated that instead of going to Dubai or London in search of a better life, such opportunities will be provided within the country itself and facilities will be provided to create a large economy and generate income but this will not be limited to the Colombo area. Because another large zone will be created around the city of Trincomalee.

He added that the Kandy city too will be expanded with aid from japan and be made in to a Megapolis

“Such is the extensive nature of this project” he said and went on to credit the development of these projects to President Maithripala and his sacrifice to contest as the common candidate and be elected as the President; as well as Minister Champika Ranawaka who took over the responsibility and is moving this forward …”

Minister of Megapolis and Western Development, Patali Champika Ranawaka noted that the Western Megapolis project will take place under three stages.

“One is the planning stage.  After obtain the views and comments of many, we will today publish the plan,” he explained and further noted that the second phase is to secure the legal passage of the institution and plan in Parliament and this would hopefully be done within the next six months and third is the implementation of this with the participation of local and international investors and the public.

The Western Province ‘Megapolis’ project will be implemented by merging the Colombo , Gampaha and Kalutara Districts at a cost of  Rs.40 billion.

The project is aimed at building an individual equipped with economic succes , social equalit , environment conservation and happiness.

One hundred and fifty (150) sub-projects will be undertaken through ten themes.

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