Chilaw, Dambulla public representatives comment on LG Elections

Chilaw, Dambulla public representatives comment on LG Elections

Chilaw, Dambulla public representatives comment on LG Elections

Written by Tharushan Fernando

22 Jan, 2016 | 9:31 pm

Public representatives of local government institutions continue to comment on the elections for local government institutions.

Former Mayor of Dambulla, Jaliya Opatha stated:

One cannot expect for a proper public representative to be elected under the divisional system.Because the locals would be hoping to vote for the persons who are more popular and who works on behalf of the people

He added that there are people in various strongholds, however, under the divisional system, the people would be restricted to a division or a village and they will not move forward.

“We are prepared to contest under any system and win the polls,” he said

Former Chairman of the Chilaw Urban Council, Hilary Prasanna Fernando noted that people vote within a democratic country to elect leaders. However it is saddening that such a situation is not evident within local government bodies and the people’s way of life has been disrupted, he pointed out.

“We see the urgent need for an election” he said and added “what is more practical is the preferential votes system, which would allow the people to elect a public representative that they prefer and obtain the service for the people

Opposition Leader of the Dambulla Municipal Council, Nalaka Hettiarachchi stated:

There is no issue in moving forward and there is no issue with the existing system. But there is one thing that needs to be considered and that is the system where the persons favoured by the people to be elected as chairman or mayor, will be taken away and there is an opportunity for the people to vote for one who works for the entire area.

“The introduction of this system will not favour us” said Apollo Raj, the Opposition Leader of the Chilaw Urban Council. He further stated that there is a minority that is spread everywhere, and being elected in to Urban Council as a member happens with the preferential votes.

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