Body of youth in Madampe suspected to be connected to string of murders

Body of youth in Madampe suspected to be connected to string of murders

Body of youth in Madampe suspected to be connected to string of murders

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11 Jan, 2016 | 9:34 pm

The body of a youth who was murdered was found along a by-lane in the Madampe area in Paanaduwa, Ambalangoda on Sunday, January 10.

According to police, the finding is suspected to be connected to a string murders reported in Ambalangoda, Hikkaduwa and Meetiyagoda.The police added that a number of bullet wounds were seen on the 24-year old Susantha Mendis, who was a resident of Ambalanthota. There was also a sign of an acid attack.

The brother of the deceased stated that he doesn’t know of any wrongdoings as he did not trouble anyone in the Village. However, police added that the victim was a suspect connected to a double homicide in Panwilla, Hikkaduwa on Dec. 8.

Police also suspect that the murder of the chairman of the Rathgama Pradeshaya Saba Manoj Mendis shares a connection with yesterday’s murder.  Janith Madusanka alias “Podi Lasi” has been arrested in connection with the murder of Manoj Mendis and is currently in police custody. Police stated that a number of crimes have been reported as a result of a long-standing dispute between these two groups.

On the Dec. 9, 2008, Wasantha Shantha De Silva, father of Podi Lasi, was shot dead in Thelwatta. On Dec. 16, 2008, businessman Tharinda Silva — a close accomplice of the chairman of the Rathgama Pradesheya Saba Manoj Mendis — was murdered in Aluthwela.

On Nov. 10, 2011, Janith Nishantha, another close associate of Manoj Mendis, was shot in close proximity to the location where the father of Podi Lasi was murdered. Nishantha was injured in the shooting, following which police filed a non-summary inquiry at the Balapitiya Magistrate’s Court.

Manoj Mendis was murdered against such a backdrop. On Jan. 5, 2016, the fifth suspect in the murder of Manoj Mendis, Meetiyagoda resident Eranga Lakshan, was shot but escaped unhurt. The next day, an attempt was made on the life of Dasantha Mendis, a staff sergeant of the army said to be a friend of Manoj Mendis. He too managed to survive the attack.


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