Consensual Government Ministers slam “joint-opposition”

Consensual Government Ministers slam “joint-opposition”

Consensual Government Ministers slam “joint-opposition”

Written by Staff Writer

30 Dec, 2015 | 8:31 pm

Constituent parties of the consensual Government convened a media briefing today. The United National Party (UNP), Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) were represented by Minister Kabir Hashim, Minister Duminda Dissanayake and Minister Rauff Hakeem respectively.

Minister Hashim accused the breakaway ‘joint-opposition’ group of sabotage adding that they were misleading trade unions and the general public. He slammed the group by saying the group had ” no objective whatsoever” and that they must first “assess themselves”.

He however did concede that differences of opinion can exist, a sentiment echoed by Minister Dissanayake who said “…. What needs to happen is not pull others down but to raise criticism. The mistake needs to be pointed out. Likewise, the right need to be appreciated.”

As General Secretary of the SLFP Minister Dissanayake said he had not been officially informed of any individuals from the party contesting separately. He added that, contrary to people leaving the party, ” several parties and groups who were not constituent parties of the UPFA , intend on joining our alliance as well …”

Minister Hakeem, Leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, backed the government by stating ” we will remain together, strong to defeat them. The Parties of the Consensual Government came together and made a pledge to protect this …”

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