Ceylon Today newspaper exposes an alleged “web terrorist”

Ceylon Today newspaper exposes an alleged “web terrorist”

Ceylon Today newspaper exposes an alleged “web terrorist”

Written by Staff Writer

27 Dec, 2015 | 7:44 pm

An expose on an alleged web terrorist was published on Sunday’s edition of the Ceylon Today newspaper.

According to the Ceylon Today, a so-called “web terrorist” is carrying out an operation which takes ransoms, by threatening to post news on their mud-slinging websites, about politicians, millionaire businessmen and many other persons.

Ceylon Today reports that the main operator of this web ransom gang is a Sri Lankan lawyer by profession, who is in hiding in London after fleeing Sri Lanka, just ahead of his arrest over serious charges.

The report states that the individual in question, who is accused of financial fraud, human trafficking and clandestine ties with the LTTE, had fled Sri Lanka and started living underground in London.

The report reads further that defense authorities had informed Interpol about him, and a photograph and his name, is listed openly on the Interpol website as a wanted person.

The report states that, after migrating to London, this person first launched a website with the aim of continuing his business of ransom-taking and had opened an account in TSB Bank, London under the account number 66705368 and had given this number to people to deposit money in it.

The report also states that this “web terrorist” opened an office down Wijerama Road in Colombo in the guise of a legal office, to carry on these operations.

Ceylon Today further reports that information about several firms which networked with the web terrorist group in London, have been obtained and that they hope to publish this information in future.

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