Over 250 Lankan pilgrims stranded in Chennai

Over 250 Lankan pilgrims stranded in Chennai

Over 250 Lankan pilgrims stranded in Chennai

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05 Dec, 2015 | 10:04 am

Sri Lankan Airlines Decided to deploy two flights to bring back the pilgrims who are stranded in Chennai India.

The flights are scheduled to fly to Sri Lanka from Trichi and Gaya. A group of over 100 pilgrims who left to Dambadiva remain at the Chennai Mahabodi Temple.

Nearly 300 Sri Lankan pilgrims, who were left stranded due to the floods in Chennai,were seeking refuge at the Sri Lanka Maha Bodi Centre.

The Sri Lankans were caught off-guard by the floods while on a pilgrimage to Dambadiva.

Deputy Head of the Sri Lanka Maha Bodi Centre Venerable Kalawane Mahanama Thera told New1st that the group is seeking shelter at the Maha Bodi Centre with the hope of returning home.

He added that all steps have been taken to provide the stranded Sri Lankans with the much-needed facilities. However News1st learned that the pilgrims have been gravely inconvenienced due to many issues.

He went on to note that they are currently in the process of obtaining the required assistance to send the Sri Lankans back to the country.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of External Affairs Dr. Harsha De Silva speaking to News1st said, about 70 Sri Lankan pilgrims have already been brought back to the country.

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