Min. Akila Viraj to introduce a day for ‘uniforms’

Min. Akila Viraj to introduce a day for ‘uniforms’

Min. Akila Viraj to introduce a day for ‘uniforms’

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01 Dec, 2015 | 8:06 pm

Vouchers to purchase school uniforms for the next year were presented on Tuesday, December 1.

Uniform material was given to students to sew school uniforms over the years. However, commencing from next year, vouchers will be presented to the students to purchase school uniforms.

The Education Minister presented vouchers to symbolically mark the inauguration of the process. Students will be presented with vouchers with a value of Rs.400 rupees to Rs.750 while student monks will be presented vouchers of up to Rs. 1700 rupees.

Minister of Education,  Akila Viraj Kariyawasam speaking on the subject, stated:

They had come to a conclusion as to who will they protect which is –  three or four businessmen or the rights of 4.3 million school students.

The Minister also noted that the school uniforms will be subject to an inspection in the future.He added that he will introduce a day named ‘school uniform day’ and on that day all the school uniforms will be inspected. Explaining further, he stated that therefore everyone will have a uniform to wear and also wear new uniform.

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