Go-Green Conference held in Colombo

Go-Green Conference held in Colombo

Go-Green Conference held in Colombo

Written by Tharushan Fernando

29 Nov, 2015 | 7:42 pm

The Go – Green  conference organised by the City planning Division of the Colombo Municipal Council was held in Colombo on Sunday. The conference was organised as an initiative towards sustainable development in Sri Lanka, to discuss the applications of the green building concept in building development inside the city of Colombo.

Mayor of Colombo,A.J.M. Muzammil stated that 70% of the world population is going to move into the urbanized cities.

He stated:

The construction industry is still a very viable industry in Sri Lanka and if you look at the policy of the government that is being envisaged to promote this, I am sure with the new budgetary provisions that have come in for the foreign investors to come to Sri Lanka, specially in respect of the land acquisition law.

He further added that the services from the management of garbage is a serious headache, it is a serious involvement , so we are taking meaningful steps to solve the garbage issue.

Head of the Department of Zoology at the University of Colombo,Sarath Kotagama stated:

We set the millennium development goals and we have failed ourselves and now we have set sustainable development goals starting from next year for 2030. We hope that we will achieve that. This government has set a precedence of being the first government in the world to have a ministry for sustainable development. While everybody wanted to know where we are going, and we say why green buildings are important. When we show that, people are frightened because 47% of the carbon dioxide contribution to the increase has come from the building sector. So the builders are the culprits for the problem today.

He added:

We are living in an artificial chemical world of more than 30000 chemicals and we are seeing it through the non-communicable diseases, problems and cancers and so many other problems that we are seeing with health. This is what we are living in, so we need sincere real changes. That can make a real difference. Instead of using nature as a mere tool for human purpose, we can strive to become tools of nature who serves its agenda too.

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