Narcotics transported in Jaffna-Colombo buses: Police allege

Narcotics transported in Jaffna-Colombo buses: Police allege

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19 Nov, 2015 | 8:19 pm

Police uncovered a drug ring where narcotics were transported on passenger transport buses operating from Jaffna to Colombo.

Police say that this ring has been in operation for a period of time.

It is learnt that a shop located at Dam Street in Colombo is where ‘goods’ allegedly brought in passengers transport buses from Jaffna change hands.

Information had reached the police that drug peddlers come to this shop to collect the drugs that are brought in buses from Jaffna.

The Colombo Anti-Vice Unit deployed its undercover operatives in the area on Thursday morning, to uncover and expose this drug ring.

Their target was this package of dried fish that arrived from Jaffna on Wednesday night.  A youth arrived to collect the parcel moments after the clock struck 10.

The officers acted quickly to arrest this youth just as he was leaving the shop. The credibility of the information the police officer received was proven when they searched the package and allegedly uncovered two kilogrammes of Kerala Ganja that was concealed in it.

The Anti-Vice Unit broadened its scope and commenced an operation to nab the individual who moved the parcel from Jaffna to Colombo.

Police officers traveled with the suspects in custody to another location in the city and also dispatched its undercover operatives throughout the area.

Officers made the suspect to make a phone to the individual who moved the parcel, and launched an operation to apprehend him.

However, as the chief suspect had got wind of the arrest of the youth, he evaded police arrests making the Anti-Vice operation an unsuccessful one.

Officers handed over the suspect to the Keselwatte Police along with the Kerala Ganja they seized and have commenced further investigations.

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