‘Smallest books’ on display at Sharjah book fair (Photos)

‘Smallest books’ on display at Sharjah book fair (Photos)

‘Smallest books’ on display at Sharjah book fair (Photos)

Written by Staff Writer

10 Nov, 2015 | 2:30 pm

A publishing house from Peru dedicated to making the world’s smallest books is one of the exhibitors at the Sharjah International Book Fair.

Los Libros Mas Pequeños Del Mundo (translated as The Smallest Books in the World) publishes colourful books that target both adults and children.

In addition to publishing nearly 500 titles for their books, the company also sells miniature wooden bookcases that could hold the titles. These too are also handmade by the 40 employees at their headquarters in Peru.

The books are colourful in order to attract children and are completely legible.

Elaborating on the origins of the company, Espinoza said: “It started out when the owner of the company created a little book to give to his friend as a gift. Then he realised that people loved it so he decided to create a company and commercialise the concept.”

The founder and creator of the concept is Alberto Briceño Polo who has always had a great passion for reading and for great literary works. His enthusiasm for the written words and his desire to bring culture to the world led to the creation of this company.

The books are smaller than the palm and have attracted hundreds of curious passers by.

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