Anonymous vs KKK; Anonymous releases alleged KKK sympathizer list

Anonymous vs KKK; Anonymous releases alleged KKK sympathizer list

Anonymous vs KKK; Anonymous releases alleged KKK sympathizer list

Written by Tharushan Fernando

06 Nov, 2015 | 6:53 pm

The Hacktivist group Anonymous has released a list of details that consists of alleged sympathizers of the Kulu Klux Klan (KKK).

The KKK since its inception in in 1865 in Pulaski, Tennessee, have advocated extremist reactionary currents such as white supremacy, white nationalism, and anti-immigration and last yea threatened to use “deadly force” against those protesting over the killing of a black youth in Ferguson, Missouri

The release of the list that happened before Thursday have been deemed as fake and has incorrectly outed several US politicians as KKK members and was quickly followed by a denial from Anonymous’s official Twitter account.

However Anonymous stand by its Thursday’s list which appears to detail social media profiles of people who had joined or “liked” KKK-related groups on Facebook and Google+ and many of the profiles featured racist imagery and slogans.

Anonymous claims that it had collected the names over the course of the last year, using a variety of investigative means, from “interviewing expert sources” and “digital espionage” to obtaining publicly-available information and noted that the list included official members of various KKK groups “as well as their closest associates (most are also in other extremist hate groups)” while some were listed with their alleged aliases.

The Release of the list came on the 5th of November, a symbolic date for Anonymous because it is the day that Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the English Parliament in 1605 and the Guy Fawkes masks ,made popular in the movie V for Vendetta,have become representative of the groups stance.

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A scene from the movie ‘V for Vendetta’

George Cruikshank's illustration of Guy Fawkes, published in William Harrison Ainsworth's 1840 nove

George Cruikshank’s illustration of Guy Fawkes, published in William Harrison Ainsworth’s 1840 novel


The group launched its campaign, named ‘Hoods Off’ after violent threat by the KKK against protesters – including Anonymous members – who took to the streets of Ferguson, Missouri following the decision by the jury to not prosecute a white police officer charged with shooting dead Michael Brown, a black teenager in August 2014.

Anonymous launched ,denial-of-service attacks to take down a website associated with the KKK and also took over two Twitter accounts connected to the group in November last year,

Experts have described the move by Anonymous against the KKK as comeback following the criticism the group has faced for failing to control members and leaking inaccurate information while the group views the leak of fake data as an embarrassment given its stance on backing social justice causes.



In line with Guy Fawkes night, Anonymous has held protest in cities around the globe.

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