Anuradhapura Magistrate issues detention order to interrogate Eron Ranasinghe

Anuradhapura Magistrate issues detention order to interrogate Eron Ranasinghe

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02 Nov, 2015 | 8:05 pm

The Anuradhapura Chief Magistrate issued a 24 hour detention order on Monday, for police to detain and interrogate Eron Ranasinghe, the chief suspect in the killing of Karate champion Wasantha Zoysa.

Eron Ranasinghe, who is suspected to be the mastermind on the attack on the nightclub in Anuradhapura and the alleged killing of Wasantha Zoysa, was arrested in Chilaw by officers of the Anuradhapura Police.

The suspect was taken by police on Monday to several locations where swords and other weapons used in the attack were hidden away.

In line with information revealed by the suspect, a search operation was conducted in the Wadakadawewa in Shrawasthipura, with the assistance of police divers, to locate the sword which was used in the killing.

The suspect had also revealed that an axe and clubs that were used in the attack had been hidden in the teak reserve adjacent to the reservoir.

However, the police were unable to discover any weapons in the search carried out on Monday.

Meanwhile, a woman who had allegedly harboured the suspect, and another individual, were arrested on Sunday and were remanded until November 9 when they were produced before the Anuradhapura Chief Magistrate today.

Meanwhile in the latest developments Eron Ranasinghe alias SF Loku, who is currently being held under detention orders in connection with planning the murder of Karate champion Wasantha Zoysa, had released a video on a social media (Facebook), prior to his arrest.

While we do not condone the views expressed herein, we are broadcasting this video, with the solitary intention of keeping the public informed.

Please watch video below, 


කරාතේ ශූර වසන්ත සොයිසා ඝාතනය සැලසුම් කළ බව කියන ඉරෝන් රණසිංහ අත්අඩංගුවට ගැනීමට පෙර ඝාතනය සම්බන්ධයෙන් සිය Facebook පිටුවේ පළ කර තිබූ ප්‍රකාශය

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