World Humanitarian Summit begins in Geneva

World Humanitarian Summit begins in Geneva

World Humanitarian Summit begins in Geneva

Written by Lahiru Fernando

14 Oct, 2015 | 9:43 pm

The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited was invited by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs to be represented at the World Humanitarian Summit Global Consultation. The summit got got underway in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday, October 14 and is scheduled to conclude on October 16.

The event was hosted by Chevaan Daniel, Group Director of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited.

You know I wish that you can stand here and see what I see right now. What do I see, I see a group of incredible people with the power and influence to change the destinies of the people they represent, the people you represent. I see Vietnam, Zambia, the Bahamas, Canada. I see all of you standing here today and as you entered these halls you made a commitment to the people you left behind to change their lives. Yes, to change the world is a cliche isn’t it? But just like the Apple commercial says ‘those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who usually do,”, said Chevaan Daniel prior to the introduction of Stephen O’Brien, the United Nations’ Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator.

This year alone, over one hundred million people are in need of a humanitarian assistance and protection. If that were a country, it will be the twelfth largest in the world. Everyday thousands of men and women dedicate themselves to helping communities cope with and indeed recover from the impacts of wars, disaster, displacement, hunger and disease. Humanitarian action is reaching more people in more places than ever before. Yet the number of people in need continues to escalate, said Stephen O’Brien while delivering his welcoming speech.

O’Brien added:

“If we do not act now, projections indicate that the future could be even worse. As populations rise, along with extreme poverty growing inequality and rapid unplanned urbanization, more people are at risk from natural hazards. Climate change is also causing increasing humanitarian stress and threats to cause massive internal displacement and cross border movement. He also noted that the absence of political solutions is leading to more protracted policies and unprecedented levels of displacement.”

Speaking next, The Head of Swiss Humanitarian Aid (SHA), Ambassador Manuel Bessler said:

“We have to catch up, we have to re-think a humanitarian action. Millions of people just since the launch of this initiative, were displaced. Millions of people lost whatever they had too. Humanaitarian needs increased sharply. People in line of duty gave their life. Despite tremendous efforts we have witnessed only limited success in resolving on the lining causes, and very often humanitarian action was sort of substitute to political action.”

Finally, Dr. Jemilah Mahmood, World Humanitarian Summit Chief speaking at summit said:

“We have summarised the outcomes and aspirations emerging from the consultation process in five key areas, as mentioned by our Under Secretary General earlier. Dignity, safety, partnership, resilience and finance. These are inter-dependent and overlapping. One alone, cannot deliver the change that we need. But taken together, they can form the new building blocks for humanitarian action.”

“Allow me to highlight some cross-cutting issues that I believe are the seeds of some of the real transformational changes that are needed. First, the consultations have called for a radical change in how we think about accountability. Accountability for what? Accountability for people’s dignity.”

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