Hundreds in UK howl at the moon in bid to set new world record

Hundreds in UK howl at the moon in bid to set new world record

Hundreds in UK howl at the moon in bid to set new world record

Written by Staff Writer

12 Oct, 2015 | 3:57 pm

The opening of a new Halloween theme park in Bedfordshire, England on Saturday (October 10) was marked with an attempt to set a new Guiness World Record for the most people howling at the moon for one whole minute.

More than 400 visitors – many dressed appropriately as werewolves – arrived at The Howl attraction at Mead Open Farm to produce the spooky sound.

As with all world records, strict rules had to be followed to ensure the count could be ratified. To qualify all participants must face the same forward direction and howl for a minimum of one minute.

Organiser Matt Heast explained why he chose the mythical creature’s distinct call for the event.

“The reason we’ve gone for a werewolf howl is because obviously the attraction is called ‘The Howl’ and one of the main parts of one of our haunts, ‘The Dark’, has got werewolves in it and so we’ve taken that and the idea of doing a record for the werewolves howling has come from there,” he said.

A real wolf expert was even on hand to help coach the crowd and explain the technique.

“You have to throw your head up, you have to open your mouth and if you look at a wolf they make a very distinctive O shape with their mouth and most importantly you have to release your inner wolf,” said Fausta DiMascio from the UK Wolf Conservation Trust.

While the howl may look like fun, one world record holder warned that it could make a person feel light-headed.

“It makes me hyperventilate because I’m getting old now. So makes my head a little bit woozy, but one has to do it because it just builds up within,” said Chris Pearson, sporting a painted face with scars and fangs drawn on.

When the time came, the howlers gathered in a ring while hosts on stage shared advice and jokes. The record attempt then got underway at the start of a whistle and the crowd let our their inner beasts.

At the end of the 60 seconds, the team at The Howl said they were confident of their place in the Guinness Book of Records.

“464 I think it was, wasn’t it? So I think that’s fairly well smashed the World Record, so hopefully that gets in the Guinness Book of Records, just have to do one or two little verifying things that the marshals or stewards have to check up on, but otherwise I think that can be confirmed as a World Record,” said Heast.

Officials at Guiness will check the final figure before issuing a certificate. The previous record of 296 people howling was set in 2013 by students at St Cloud State University in Minnesota, USA


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