A closer look at the Grade Five Scholarship Exam

A closer look at the Grade Five Scholarship Exam

A closer look at the Grade Five Scholarship Exam

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08 Oct, 2015 | 7:47 am

Three students were secured the top spot from among three hundred and thirty three thousand six hundred and seventy one (333,671) students, who sat the 2015 Grade Five Scholarship Examination.

Kavinda Unaththenne, a student of Gangasiripura Vidyalaya, Gampola, was one of the students who topped the Grade Five Scholarship Examination,by securing 196 marks.

Kavishka Wanigasekara, a product of Maakura Primary School in Malmaduwa, was another student who claimed the top spot.

Speaking of his achievement, Kavishka stated:

I never thought I would be the first. I only expected a district rank. I want to be a scientist.

Melanie Wijesinghe who studies at Usaspitiya Sri Sumangala Junior School in Kegalle, was the third student to obtain 196 marks at the examination.

A notion exists among parents that their children should remain competitive at the Scholarship examination and obtain high marks, and thus be eligible to gain admission to popular schools. As a result, these children, who are in the prime of their childhood, are made to sit for this examination, under immense parental pressure.

In addition to attending school, extra classes take up much of these children’s time and energy

As a result, parents must pay close attention to children who are unable to pass the Scholarship Exam, as well as children who have faced examinations on a number of occasions.

Paediatric Neurologist,Dr. Anurudhdha Padeniya speaking on the issue stated:

The Year 5 Scholarship Examination results are out, I would like to congratulate all the kids who passed the exam. But students who did not succeed should not be deemed weak because they too are intelligent, and they can do better in their life.

He added:

We have enough examples of that nature, people who did not get through the Year Five Exam later become professors; they have become very good doctors and so on and so forth. Therefore, the parents should understand not to discourage children and not to get distracted or frustrated about this exam. But to encourage them to do well.

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